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You Are A Harpy!

A Harpy

You are a Harpy. Harpies, literally, "Snatchers" were bird-women who plagued people by stealing everything precious. Before that, they were envisioned simply as storm-winds. They left a disgusting mess when they left, destroying food, pooping everywhere and even ripping off maidens heads. As monsters go, you are hardcore.

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You Are Echidna!

Echidna, by Carlstrom

You are Echidna. She was the mother of monsters, and a serious threat in her own right. Every single one of her offspring (including the Sphinx, the Nemean Lion, the Stymphalion Birds ... you get the picture) was a unique and scary monster in his or her own right.

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You Are The Sphinx!

Sphinx, by Hrana Janto

You are the Sphinx. She was a monster who killed for the intellectual joy of it. It was only Oedipus solving her riddle that killed her - she threw herself off a cliff. She kept an entire country under her paw in a reign of terror.

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You Are Lamia!

Lamia, by Herbert Draper

You are Lamia. Lamia was actually a pretty normal lady until, after a fling with the King of the Gods, Hera killed all of her children. She went crazy insane wacko, and began tricking parents out of their children and then eating them.

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You Are a Gorgon!


You are a Gorgon. There were three of them, but we know the most about Medusa, who was a beautiful priestess transformed into a Gorgon by Athena. One look at the face of a Gorgon turned anyone to stone, a fact exploited by Andromeda's boyfriend in another story.

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You Are Scylla!


You are Scylla. Pretty tragic, actually, she got hit on by this dude a sorceress had a crush on and was turned into the monster you see above. After that she stayed in the Straights of Messina and grabbed sailors from their ships with the six dogs that came from her body below the waist.

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You Are a Siren!


You are a Siren. Sirens were incredibly beautiful, for all they were half sea-bird. They sang beautifully - so much the better to lure sailors and fishermen from their ships to die on the rocks at the Sirens' webbed feet.

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