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All Hail Queen Omphale


You are Queen Omphale. She became the Queen when her first husband died and she took his place and when she started ruling, she didn't mess around. She bought Heracles as, well, basically a sex slave. She totally dug the gender bending of a dominant woman and a submissive, though massively huge and hunky, man. She was also a mother, having four kids by Heracles and one by her first husband. Her kids went on to do cool things, but she was always a bigger name. She never remarried.

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All Hail Queen Hekabe


You are Queen Hekabe. You may be more used to hearing her called "Hecuba", but that's just the way the Romans said her name. She was the Queen of Troy during the Trojan War and was, in many ways, the ideal ancient Greek woman. She was pregnant most of her life and she raised her children to be heroes. They and her husband, King Priam, defended their city until their last breath. Even her daughter, Cassandra was a tragic heroine. And Hekabe watched bravely as she sent her children out to nobly die. And she led her country in weeping as the Greeks swept through. She ended her life a slave, unless of course she was changed to a wild dog haunting the city with her howls.

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All Hail Queen Iocaste


You are Queen Iocaste. You may know her better as Jocasta, the wife (and mother, yikes!) of Oedipus. She seems like a pretty good person, but she married into the wrong family. In a bizarre and terrible twist of fate, she ended up marrying the son she thought had been killed (when he defeated a monster that was threatening the kingdom) and having babies with him. When she finally discovered the truth she went to her room and killed herself. But, you know she lived in happy ignorance for most of her life, right up until the end.

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All Hail Queen Europa

Europa, by Alexandrowitsch

You are Queen Europa. She started off as princess Europa and was given everything she wanted. She was totally carefree and beautiful and she had a surprisingly happy life for an ancient Greek chick. She was picking flowers with her friends when this totally studly gorgeous white bull walked up. Her maidenly buddies flipped their stuff, but she climbed right up and he took her away and then they got it on. It would perhaps be useful here to add that the bull was actually Zeus, king of the gods. But, interestingly enough, Zeus's wife didn't even go after her. Her parents weren't pissed at her. She even got married and her husband, the King of Crete, adopted her babies when he couldn't have his own kids with her. You must be blessed!

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All Hail Queen Penelope

Penelope, by John W. Waterhouse

You are Queen Penelope. She waited at home for twenty years, raising her son, while her husband ran around the world. But, despite a lot of temptation from men on the home front, she held it down as an independent woman. But it wasn't easy for her to be completely on her own for that long. Lucky for her, she was as wily as her husband, Odysseus, and she managed to hold down the fort.

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All Hail Queen Hypsipyle


You are Hypsipyle, Queen of Lemnos. Apparently, she and the other women of Lemnos neglected to be sufficiently respectful of the goddess Aphrodite and in punishment she made all the women of Lemnos stink so much that their husbands stopped having sex with them. So they were forced by fate to become strong women. When the men started visiting the women of Thrace, the Lemnian women had had enough! They killed off all of the men. Hypsipyle eventually came up with a good Public Relations move and got the Argonauts to take a break in Lemnos. By the time they left again, all the women were pregnant.

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All Hail Queen Leda


You are Leda, Queen of Sparta. She was married, but she didn't let that stop her affairs. Well, specifically, affair, singular.

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All Hail Queen Lysippe

Amazon, by Erte

You are Queen Lysippe. She was a leader of the Amazons and so totally fierce as well as having some family tragedy. You see, her son was totally devoted to being a warrior, so much so that he completely ignored sex and love altogether. Well, that pissed off Aphrodite and she made him fall in love with his mother, Lysippe. He killed himself. Lysippe sunk her grief into work and built a city.

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All Hail Queen Hippolyta


You are Queen Hippolyta. A strong Amazon leader, but her life ended badly because of getting killed by her lover (Heracles). She was just on the ill-fated side of the battle.

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All Hail Queen Clytemnestra


You are Queen Clytemnestra. Independant? You better believe it! She wasn't about to wait around for her daughter-murdering husband to get back from Troy. There was a curse on Agamemnon's house. But other than that, she was a very traditional queen who existed as a result of her mother's hanky panky with Zeus.

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All Hail Queen Metaneira


You are Queen Metaneira. She was suprisingly normal for a character of Greek mythology. She was a good queen and loving mother. She was kind, and had a pretty normal life, until an act of god brought tragedy. Actually it was an act of goddess. She tried to stand down the goddess, but couldn't save her child, but she did live to tell about it.

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All Hail Queen Alcestis


You are Queen Alcestis. The ideal wife meets the worst husband imaginable. He sacrifices her so that he can live. It is only through godly intervention that anything works out.

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All Hail Queen Danae


You are Queen Danae. She was a perfect little princess until she had a real golden shower. Then, after a long adventure and running away, and having a heroic baby, everything worked itself out.

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All Hail Queen Niobe


You are Queen Niobe. The classic queen, except, like her buddy Cassiopeia, made the mistake of comparing herself to Leto. Bad move. Tragic end at the hand of the gods. But that's hubris for you.

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All Hail Queen Pasiphae


You are Queen Pasiphae. Cursed by fate for her hubris (pride) with a side of serious kinkyness, she ended up getting jiggy with a bull.

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