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List of Nereides

There were four lists of the "50" Nereides, none of which quite added up to 50. Here they all are together.
Ap denotes the Nereides in Apollodorus' list, likewise Ho denotes Homer's Nereids, Ap denotes Hesiod's Nereides, and Ap denotes the Nereides listed by Hyginus.

Actaea (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Agave (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Alimede (He) Amatheia (Hy, Ho) Amphithoe (Hy, Ho)
Amphitrite (He, Ap) Apseudes (Hy, Ho) Arethusa (Hy) Asia (Hy) Autonoe (He, Ap)
Beroe (Hy) Callianassa (Hy, Ho) Callianeira (Ho) Calypso (Ap) Ceto (Ap)
Clio (Hy) Clymene (Hy, Ho) Creneis (Hy) Cydippe (Hy) Cymatolege (Hy)
Cymo (He, Ap) Cymodoce (Hy, He, Ho) Cymothoe (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Deiopea (Hy) Dero (Ap)
Dexamene (Hy, Ho) Dione (Ap) Doris (Hy, He, Ho) Doto (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Drimo (Hy)
Dynamene (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Eione (He, Ap) Ephyra (Hy) Erato (He, Ap) Euagore (He, Ap)
Euarne (He) Eucrante (He, Ap) Eudora (He, Ap) Eulimine (He, Ap) Eumolpe (Ap)
Eunice (He, Ap) Eupompe (He) Eurydice (Hy) Galateia (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Galene (He)
Glauce (Hy, He, Ho) Glauconome (He, Ap) Halia (He, Ho, Ap) Halimede (Ap) Hipponoe (He, Ap)
Hippothoe (He, Ap) Iaera (Hy, Ho) Ianassa (Hy, Ho) Ianeira (Hy, Ho, Ap) Ione (Ap)
Laomedeia (He) Leagore (He) Leucothoe (Hy) Ligeia (Hy) Limnoreia (Hy, Ho, Ap)
Lycorias (Hy) Lysianassa (He, Ap) Maera (Hy, Ho) Melite (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Menippe (He)
Nausithoe (Ap) Nemertes (Hy, He, Ho) Neomeris (Ap) Nesaea (Hy, Ho, Ap) Neso (He)
Nisaea (He) Opis (Hy) Oreithyia (Hy, Ho) Panope (Hy, Ho, Ap) Panopea (He)
Pasithea (He) Pherusa (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Phyllodoce (Hy) Plexaure (Ap) Ploto (He)
Polynome (Ap) Polynoe (He) Pontomedusa (Ap) Pontoporeia (He) Pronoe (He)
Proto (Hy, He, Ho, Ap) Protomedeia (He) Psamathe (He, Ap) Sao (He, Ap) Speio (Hy, He, Ho, Ap)
Thaleia (Hy, He, Ho) Themisto (He) Thetis (He, Ap) Thoe (Hy, He, Ho) Xantho (Hy)

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