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Galatea and Pygmalion
Galatea and Pygmalion

Pygmalion was one of those guys who was surrounded by friends, but still alone. He was the King of Cyprus, so there were PLENTY of women who would have adored marrying him - but he wasn't into that. What he was into was sculpting. He was a master sculptor, and worked in ivory. After a long time of toil, he finally finished a sculpture of a woman that he called Galatea. He fell in love with it. He couldn't concentrate on anything else, just the beautiful ivory woman. He went to the temple of Aphrodite and begged her time after time to give him a wife like his statue. Aphrodite came down to figure out what the dude was talking about and saw the statue. The Goddess thought it bore a striking resemblence to herself, and was flattered. She decided to help out Pygmalion, but not in the way he expected.

When Pygmalion got home from his day at work with the kingdom, he found his beloved statue wasn't standing where it should be. Nope. She was walking around the room. Aphrodite had brought her to life! Pygmalion fell on his feet before her and sweet Galatea brought him up. They were married and lived happily ever after, never forgetting to sacrifice to Aphrodite.

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Last Updated January 15, 2008

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