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Greek Goddesses - N
Every Greek Goddess You've Heard Of - And A Bunch You Haven't

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Element Earth, by Egger*Gaia*
Gaia is Mother Earth. She has her own page, of course. She is from whom everything comes, but she is not quite a divinity, because she is Earth. She bore the Titans as well as monsters like the hundred armed men, and some of the Cyclopes - others were sons of Poseidon. She was the daughter of Chaos, and the mother of all creatures (according to some). She was the first and the last, and wanted all of her children, no matter what. She was primarily spoken of as a Mother of other Gods, rather than having her own myths. Read more about Gaia.

Neaera means the New Moon. She was a couple of different people. One was a nymph mother of Lampetia and Phathusa by Helios. Another was the mother of Evadne. And another was the mother of Aegle by Zeus.nNemesis, by Rick Berry

This chica is the sister of Pandia, and the daughter of Selene and Zeus. She suckled the Nemean Lion (this scary monster type thing).

Nemesis she was the right hand of Zeus. She was the Goddess of Righteous Anger and it was she who saw to it that all good and evil were justly paid. She was also without a direct personality. She is also called Adrasteia, which means the Inevitable Parents. She was either another daughter of Oceanus, or a daughter of Nyx and Erebus (making her a sister to Sleep and Death). I named my lacrosse stick after her. The painting on the right is by Rick Berry.n

Nike was similar to Eris because she was the constant companion to Athena. Nike was the Goddess of Victory. She was the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the River/Nymph Styx. She does not possess a distinct personality in any myths I've seen. Further, Nike was sort of an epithet of Athena. But Nike, as the personification of Victory was also worshipped as her own Goddess, and usually showed with wings, except in Athens where she was called "Apteros" ("wingless"), with the idea that she would never leave Athens.nNight, by Edward Burne-Jones

Nyx was a daughter of Chaos (and so a SISTER of Gaia, and with her brother Erebus (Darkness) she bore: Air, Hemera, Aether (Light), Moros (Destiny), Thanatos (Death), Hypnos (Sleep), Morpheus (Dreams), The Fates, The Keres, Eris, Momus (Ridicule), Oizys (Distress), Apate (Deceit), Care, and Nemesis. Her realm was in the far West beyond the land of Atlas. n

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